Laxness: Forgiveness Imperative

Meh! I am so lax…you’d think I could have squeezed at least one more blog post out of these poor, miserable, definitely sore and screaming in pain fingers. (Is there a word for that sort of talk? Tongue-in cheek? Sarcastic? Sardonic?)

So, since I am in such terrible pain and couldn’t possibly be bothered to put the time and effort into a rambling dissertation, I must limit myself to…sob…some links to other people’s blog posts that address the topics I managed not to address, although I meant to, last week.

On the comparison between Author’s Voice and Character’s Voice

On Style

There are tons of other posts on the subject. One of my favorite tools for finding information is the Writer’s Knowledge Base.

And a bonus, because this is really cool…

Enjoy, friends!



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