Story Folder

I have two shelves full of half-filled notebooks, and two binders, each with four hundred pages of notebook paper in them. I have a stretchy file organizer, and lots of those tab thingies you put between pages to separate them into subjects.

I am terribly unorganized, when it comes to story notes.

Therefore, I have decided to make a themed organizer for my WIP. A Story Folder. After all, what is the fun of actually being able to find what you need when you need it unless your tabs are illustrated with scenes from your story and your folders are labeled in ancient script?

Not that I actually have either of those. I guess I’ll have to make them.

So, how does one organize their notes? What do they need?





5–Random scenes, plot bunnies, and quotes

6–Rough drafts

7–Edited drafts (at various stages)


9–Whatever I forgot

Hmmm. This may be a project as big as writing a novel! Teehee…

I love procrastinating. Don’t you?

How do you organize your thoughts and ideas? Do you like organizing? Or do you just prefer to fly and let fly?


2 thoughts on “Story Folder”

  1. Hi Belle. Thanks very much for the interest in my novel efforts. You have a fun, teasing way of expressing yourself. I hope you do get around to writing a novel someday using that very tone and voice. It would be a great read. The post about my bible obviously shows I prefer organized details. But when I actually do the writing it’s more of a free-write for six or seven pages and then go back and flesh out and polish. Happy writing 🙂

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