Join the Fun!

The Office of Letters and Light (OLL) has announced the dates for their incredible programs this year! I am so excited…this year, I am determined to mash the wordcount flat!

Next month, April, is ScriptFrenzy. The challenge is to write a hundred page script in thirty days. Wow! If I had an idea for a script…but I don’t. Or rather, I can’t. I have to concentrate…concen…con….

Next event, the second/third Camp Nanowrimo! I say second or third, becaus there are two Camp Nanowrimos a year. Last year they were back to back, in July and August. This year they are in June and August, so if you want to participate in both, you will have a month in between to take a breather and organize your thoughts–or clear you mind for a new run, if you’re a pantser–before you dive back in. I’m really excited about these. I’ll definitely be participating in June, although I might be busy in August, getting school stuff together for next semester. Bleah. My username for OLL stuff is positiveattitude3000. Come find me!

Of course, Nanowrimo and the Young Writers program will take place in November, as they always do.

Who is planning to write their hands off?

Or is it fingers?




3 thoughts on “Join the Fun!”

  1. I have never heard of camp nanowrimo or the office of letters and light. Where’s a good place to learn more?

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