An Unofficial Deadline

In the post previous to this one I mentioned Camp Nanowrimo. I won it last year, and I had an absolute blast…mostly because I was having so much fun running my own private, unofficial wordcount race with my cabinmates. To be precise: they didn’t know I was racing them.

The next Camp Nanowrimo is in June. I am planning on not being a rebel, and starting a new project entirely from scratch. I have lots of ideas, but I haven’t yet decided which one to start building on.

However, this means I have only until the end of May to complete my current WIP. You know, the one that doesn’t even have a working title. It does, actually. My Current WIP. Great title, don’t you think?

I’m giving myself the rest of this week to come up with an outline and finish putting together my Story Folder. After that, I can no longer procrastinate…

…which is sad good, because I really want to finish this story! I need to know how it ends, to satisfy my soul. An unfinished story is unsatisfying, particularly to the soul.

It is the soul that threads itself into the tapestry of story, isn’t it?


On a totally (sort of) unrelated note, I was having trouble sketching one of my characters, so I Herged him. He’s even cuter Herge-style than he is my style! Which you’ve never seen….

If you want to see my style, I have one picture up on deviantart. There are a lot of mistakes, since that was my first attempt in that style, but I liked it, and have been working on it ever since. I’m working on a picture of two of the characters from My Current WIP now, so maybe I’ll finish that and put it up. Or I’ll make a sketch dump and put it on tumblr. We’ll see.




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