Character Interview: Tayanna (and Lazota)

I was browsing through the blog of the lovely Allison Perdue ( and I came across a post that made me think. It was about the things every main character should have. You know, things like a bff, a hobby, and a major fault! So I decided to ask my main character, Tayanna Zeli, a few questions to help me get to know her. Her guard, Lazota, may insert a few thoughts as well, since she is in charge of Tay.

Welcome, Tayanna! And Lazota…so, I’m going to ask you a few questions, to see if you have what every main character needs. You can fill in on all the complicated stuff, Zo.

Zo: I thank you, Lady Author.


Tay: (raises eyebrows) I’m listening.

Alright! Now, if these sound very authory and ridiculous, just answer them anyway. I need them. Okay? First Question. What is the goal you are working toward?

Zo: She is a rebel and the spawn of rebels. Her goal is to cause dissention and discontent among the people of the empire.

Tay: My goal is to find out what happened to my best friend, Tes Cuati. If he is alive, I will search until I am at his side. If he is dead, I will avenge him and burn his body so that the priests can’t get to it.

Zo: The priests will take the ashes.

Tay: Not if I dump them in the ocean!

Hey! Be nice, you two. For those of our audience who are confused, Lazota is a priestess. A very beautiful priestess.

Tay: Not that you can tell, with all those veils she walks around in.

Second Question. Who is your best friend? Your BFF?

Tay: I believe I already mentioned my best friend is Tes. Besides him, I am very good friends with his sister, Malinashi.

What about your other two companions? Citil and Sihaut?

Tay: Sihaut is very old and very wise. One does not consider such people friends.

Zo: And Citil is an idiot. The precious jaguar could not possibly be friends with an idiot!

Tay: The precious jaguar will tear out the throat of anyone who calls Citil an idiot!

I really don’t want to have to sit between you.

Tay: No, you don’t.

You are obviously very protective of your friends, and very loyal. What do you think is your worst fault?

Zo: She is stubborn as the sun. Once she has made up her mind, nothing will move her! She also does not take advice very well.

Tay: You mean orders.

Zo: Can you order the sun to rise early or to stand still in the sky?

Tay: Not without burning your tongue.

Zo: She has a wicked tongue. That is another fault. And she is quick to let it loose.

Tay: Especially on you.

Zo: She also goes into rages where she turns into a jaguar and slays all who oppose her…

Tay: …I do? Author! Do I!?!

Of course not. She’s just trying to rile you. (Closes manuscript and hides it under papers) What do you do to relax, when you aren’t searching for Tes? What is your hobby?

Tay: Umm….

Zo: Does staring at stone and swaying and singing queer songs in an ancient, arcane language count?

Tay: I listen to the songs of the stones and the fire and the air and the stars. It helps me relax. And think.

Zo: This is why you enjoy the walls of your cell.

Tay: (shudders) What are hobbies?

Things you do for fun.

Tay: I like to sing and dance. Lazota is a very good dancer.

Zo: A dancer of a different dance than she dances.

Tay: Definitely….

Last question. What is your greatest fear?

Tay:…I’m afraid to be alone.

Zo: I shall always be close by.

Tay: I don’t consider you a companion.

Too bad you’re stuck with her. Hmmm…well, that’s it. Back to the Astani Empire you go! Good luck finding your best friend, Tay! And Lazota…remember to latch the roof when you shut her in her cell, got it? She won’t remember, because she didn’t hear me….

What do you think are essential things a writer should know about their main characters? Oh, and what sort of footwear do your characters wear?



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