Brain Stuck

I really need to finish writing my outline so I can start writing next week.

Today, I have procrastinated. I have done a day’s worth of schoolwork, read a two hundred seventy-five page book on drawing expressive faces, and helped a few customers…because I am at work. I work at a beef store. I sell beef. I also have a personal aversion to raw meat.

As for my outline….

It needs help.

So far, Tayanna and Malinashi have come home from a prolonged hunt to find that Tes and Yaot have been drafted into the Eagles, an elite group of warriors who leave the mountains on ‘patrols’, and often don’t return. Tay has returned just in time to say goodbye before they leave for training. Tes leaves Tay with a mysterious gift–a white eagle feather and four gold beads. Why is that mysterious? Because they live in an extremely basic society. They don’t have mines…that Tay knows of, at least. Also, Tes isn’t exactly an elder, so how would he get something as valuable as a white eagle feather?

I don’t know. 😛

Which is why I really need to work on that outline. Oh, and don’t let all the unexplained names scare you away. If you want to know about my characters, just let me know!

What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Brain Stuck”

  1. Maybe Tes had a crazy relative, (always living alone, never seeing anyone, he talks to himself in strange languages, or maybe perfectly sane yet lonesomely afraid of company). Well, when he dies (grows sick, or Tes simply went by for some reason or another) he found them hidden somewhere. Maybe that’s not original enough. But maybe you can work off that.
    You’re story sounds awesome and I like, want to sit down and write it or something. haha.

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