I don’t plan on posting more than once a day very often, but I need to be kept accountable by something, even if it is only my blog. So today, despite many distractions, I have managed to reel out some terrible prose which shall, I hope, one day be polished into a piece of beauty.

Day 1 of 74

Daily Wordcount: 1280

Total Wordcount: 1280


And, for added fun/interest/humiliation–

First five words: Tayanna clambered onto the ledge….

Last five words: …and collapsed in the entryway.


Who worries about excellence the first time around, right? Already, my inner editor is telling me all about gripping first lines and showing instead of telling, and deep POV. Well, shoot. I’m just going to have to write a first draft the first time! I can write the final draft the final time, so there, me!

Dear, dear.

How are you feeling about the excellence (or lack thereof) of your scintillating prose?

Is your main character such a stubborn, impulsive idiot that she flings herself off a cliff because she thinks there’s a ledge about ten yards down?




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