Character Expression

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I’m teaching my sister cartooning, and right now we’re working on expression. Of course, that made me think of characters’ expressions.

When I read books, I notice lots of raised eyebrows, twitching lips, grim smiles, flashing double takes, and eye rolling.

One of my favorites was a guy who was trying to imagine his face was a granite cliff so it would look serious. I know that is corny, but the character himself was corny, and corny was who he was. I wouldn’t emulate it, but it worked for the character.

I also love it when Doon from City of Ember draws his eyebrows together into a straight black line across his forehead. Doon is one of my biggest literary crushes favorite characters, and I love how that single expression is so reflective of the rest of his personality.

So, I was trying to think of expressions that weren’t overused, but still reflected my characters’ personality.

Tayanna, with her stubborn resolve, impulsive action, and cynical view, would probably be quick and certain in her movement and expression. Cold, logical, protective Tes would be more deliberate and reflective, but also firm.

So, what do your characters’ expressions say about their character? Do you have a favorite expression from a literary crush character?




3 thoughts on “Character Expression”

  1. Oh I was just thinking about this the other day. I love when people describe characters like such.
    I’ve got a character who acts as if making expressions is heavy work. It just explains their attitude.

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