YA Trends

Day 3/74     daily wordcount: 1051

total wordcount: 3504


I read Divergent yesterday.

My goodness.

I loved pretty much everything about the book…but the premise was amazing. Forming factions based on priorities rather than production or location or race or occupation or what!?!

I think I’m starting to notice a trend. Tough, sassy heroine is in a fight for her life and her morality, and manages to fall in love with a strong guy who not only supports her in her fight but puts her ahead of himself.

I’m sure there are more, but I don’t go to the library often enough (thanks to the cost of transport) to know them.

What are some trends you’ve noticed in popular YA fiction? Which trends do you think are worth keeping, and which trends need to be replaced? Is there a YA cliche that really bothers you? What is it and why?




2 thoughts on “YA Trends”

  1. I’ve got ONE big cliche that gets on my nerves. The whole “follow your heart” and “just believe” That’s really NOT good advice according to the Bible. heh heh, just saying.

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