The Download, the Murder Idea, and the Dead Spider Sound

I know! I’m bad. I have been conspiciously absent. What can I say?

I’ve been doing school. Lots of school. My sister returned to college a little over a week ago. I had a birthday. I wrote a little, I drew a little, and I made up stories in my head a lot. Yet, when it comes to putting stories on paper, I am reluctant.

So, I decided to try something new! It’s called… yWriter!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it’s sort of Scrivener for PCs. Something like that. Free download, no trial.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but only because I haven’t devoted more than five minutes at a time to it. It’s pretty neat, from what I have seen.

Ooh! I just had the most awesome idea. A young cashier is found dead behind the counter of the small town specialty store where she works. Nothing in the store is disturbed, except the girl, of course, and three objects which are on the counter instead of their respective shelves. An apple pie candle in a glass jar, a stained glass purple and blue butterfly, and a praying angel statue.

Wouldn’t that be awesome!?!

Oh, and one other thing. The other day, there was a spider crawling around on my keyboard. I waited until it was under the R key, then “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”. Needless to say, “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” is the sound of the death of a spider.




2 thoughts on “The Download, the Murder Idea, and the Dead Spider Sound”

  1. Haha, the sound of the death of a spider… That’s story idea sounds awesome. Here’s another, a teenaged girl comes into the movie theater to clean up the junk from the last movie, and in the back row she finds a dead person! Tell me how yWriter works for you, I might get it.

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