The Versatile Blogger Award


Look! Isn’t it pretty?


This is my first blog award, and I am super excited to have received it! However, no award comes without a few rules attached. These rules are that you have to do certain things, of course. So, rule number one.


Rule #1–Thank the award giver and link back to them.


My thanks to K. M. Stoffel! The lovely bloggeress of Stuck On Repeat kindly awarded me, and I forever grateful. Thank you, K. M. Stoffel.

There’s her blog. Check it out!


Rule #2–Share seven things about yourself.


Okay…you all are dying to know seven things about me, right? Right?


1)     I sing! I know, a lot of people do. Anyway, I mainly sing Classical, Broadway, and Celtic. My voice teacher is preparing me for college auditions, and my mom is trying to get me to get my act together and make up a Junior recital. Me? I’m busy writing and drawing and playing Facebook games. Sooo….

2)     I have this little thing I do that my sisters call obsessions, my parents call phases, and I call in-depth studies. If I read a book or series, or watch a movie or TV series, and really like it, I will–study–it. A friend brought over Speed Racer for us to watch once. Soon after, I had watched most of the American anime series on Hulu, read several of the comic books, had a Speed Racer picture for my desktop background, etc. Hunger Games, Divergent, Doctor Who, Chronicles of Narnia, Going Postal, The Hobbit…I love me some stories! Oh, and in case you were wondering, my very first study was Redwall.

3)     I work at a beef store. Seriously. I sell beef to people. The funny thing? I have a personal aversion to raw meat.

4)     So, my dad and I were labeling our family with Divergent Factions. We’re all a little Divergent…me less than the others. My dad and younger sister are Dauntless and Abnegation. My Mom is Candor and…something else. I’m not sure what. My older sister is Amity and Abnegation. As for me…my family had a hard time fitting me into a faction. My parents said Candor…my sister started laughing hysterically. I said Erudite. Everyone agreed. After a long, arduous hike, Abnegation was added to the list. I think I’m a little selfish to be Abnegation, but then, so did Tris, so I don’t really know.

5)     I have a dog. He is 3/4 chihuahua. He howls whenever my younger sister and I play violin. I think he’s singing, because he’ll come right up to us, sit at our feet, and howl away. It’s kind of annoying when you’re trying to tune, though….

6)     My established clean-the-house-fast task is cleaning the bathroom. 😛

7)     I can’t decide what I want to major in when I go to college. I could major in Art, English, Film/Cinema Studies…but I can’t decide. I was going to do interdisciplinary between art and english, but my sisters told me my passion was film, because I know a lot about it and am always spouting out random facts…but I really want to do art. I don’t know.


Rule #3–Pass the award on to fifteen others.


Thanks again to K. M. Stoffel! I’ll be informing my nominees of their nomination soon!





8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you for the tag, Belle! Looooove your name btw!

    I know what you mean about “obsessions.” I have just decided that I love to geek out over things like crazy when I first learn about them, and that is quite okay by me. To be a “nerd” is to “really like” an individual something or multiple somethings, or so I’ve heard. So I guess I am a geek/nerd after all! Not that I mind much. 😉

    Divergent factions!? What!? Hmmm… Now I must pull my copy of Divergent out of my To-Be-Read pile and get busy reading it.

    Oh, and I know a plethora of random movie facts too! My parents think its a completely freaky thing, that which I do when I spout about actors and cinema and random film factoids, but I just find myself to be a complete cinema-phile and I think its pretty cool.

    …sounds like you and I are an awful lot alike…

    Nice “meeting” you, Belle!

    -Sarah Elizabeth

  2. Thank you so much!!! I haven’t had time to write a post for this, but I will do so soon!!! This was such a nice surprise! =D

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