Kitsune are fox spirits from Asian folklore, particularly Japanese. They aren’t spirits in the same way ghosts are; the term simply defines them as having a dominant supernatural side, rather than a dominant physical side like normal foxes.

A kitsune is said to possess unnatural intelligence, long life, and magical powers. The most common of magical powers attributed to kitsune is shapeshifting. A kitsune can learn to take the form of a human when it reaches a certain age: 50-100 years old. Other powers kitsune may manifest are the ability to generate fire or lighting from their mouths and tails, the ability to purposely appear in another’s dreams, the ability to create complex optical illusions, and invisibility. The most powerful kitsune can drive people mad, bend space and time, and shapeshift into massive objects such as a second moon or a tree that reaches into the celestial sphere. Kitsune are also terrified of dogs…heehee.

Some ways a kitsune is revealed in its human form is a fox-shaped shadow, or a reflection in a mirror–in which it will look like a fox, of course. Kitsune also have star-balls, or fox-fire, that they have to keep with them at all times. This is usually manifested as a glowing, floating ball near their person. Sometimes the fox-fire can be contained in pearls or other gems. The fox keeps part or all of its magic inside the star-ball, and is helpless when separated from it.

The color of a kitsune is important in knowing what sort of kitsune they are. White foxes are, of course, good. Black foxes are also considered good. Gold foxes are the oldest, in possession of all of the nine tails that are so commonly associated with them. They are either incredibly benevolent or decidedly evil and vicious. Red foxes are young foxes, and can be either good or bad. There are also wild foxes, who don’t have a specific set of morals, but they are not associated with a particular color. Kitsune in general tend to be quite ambiguous when it comes to morality. Also, air kitsune are the most ultimate of evil kitsune.


A lot of good material there! Of course, my kitsune will be vastly different from the original kitsune outlined here, but still…kitsune are pretty cool! Way cooler than elves, if you ask me. Of course, I have this little button when it comes to elves. If it isn’t Tolkien, it had better not have a tall, beautiful elf. You know?

What is your favorite (not overused) magical creature?




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