A Memorial

Never go camping over a weekend when you have an extremely pregnant cat. She might have her kittens in the house. Someone who didn’t know she was pregnant might let her out. She might not get back in. The kittens might die of lack of heat and starvation.

We found them in the coat closet.

I know Memorial Day is a day when we remember our troops. Both my grandfathers served in the US Navy. However, today I would like to commemorate my cats (only those who are dead, so this won’t be too long,) who have given me so much joy.


Snowflake: My first cat ever. I wanted a white cat with blue eyes, like Duchess in the Aristocats. My mom went to the store one day, and a lady was giving away free kittens. She had two left; a black and white boy, and a white girl with blue eyes. Snowflake had three kittens. She disappeared many years ago.

Buttercup: Snowflake’s oldest kitten. He was white, like his mother, with green eyes. He would jump on the piano while Mom was teaching lessons and walk across it; just like the kittens in the Aristocats (his brother would yowlsing along). He also disappeared many years ago.

Juliet: The first cat whose body was found. She was a gorgeous black, white, and orange calico. We found her stretched out on the back patio. Dead. She just lay down and died. A tip: never name your kittens Romeo and Juliet. They both died before they were six months old.

The Unnamed Three: These are the ones we found today. You already know how they died. From their coloring, it looks as though they would have grown to be seal points, like their mother, Java. We buried them in a dryer sheet box in the pet graveyard, with a flower for each one. An iris, a pink rose, and a red rose. I asked Jesus to give them to a little girl in heaven who would care for them and love them, because they didn’t get any of that here on earth. They must have been so frightened…but they’re happy now.

On a brighter note, Java has adopted one of the kittens of a stray we took in. They both seem quite happy.

God bless our troops.




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