Enter June

In an hour and a half, the month of June will dawn (er…midnight?) on my timezone. So tomorrow, after I finish taking the online practice SAT (I’m taking the real one Saturday) I get to start writing. I know where I’m going to start. I have a playground to prompt me when I’m uninspired. I have questions to ask myself when I’m stuck, and plenty of fireballs to juice up the action. 😉 Most of all, I have a mother who has agreed to try this intimidating task with me. Poor Mom…heheh.


Meanwhile, we suffer. We suffer. We suffer in silence!


Because, around the world, people are already started, and I have to wait at least twelve more hours before I can start. I’m going to cry!


Not really. I am going to go to bed though. Ooh, and I found a new form of proctrastination. It’s called Virtual Villagers. I could literally spend hours scrolling around my screen, looking for wind flute tops and pieces of mausoleum while my villagers keep the stream clear of debris and accumulate tech points.


Also, I am planning on using yWriter as a tool for organizing all the little details I come up with as I write. It has a place for everything. Literally! Everyone who doesn’t want to spend money on writing software should download it.




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