The Liebster Blog Award


The wonderful Stephanie over at has graciously awarded me the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you sooo much, Stephanie! Her blog has posts about her life, about writing, reviews, and in general lots of encouraging words. Check it out!

As with all blog awards, the Liebster Blog Award has a few rules.

Rule #1–Thank the person who gave you the award. XD See above.

Rule #2–Paste the award on your blog.

Rule #3–Nominate a few bloggers you think are worthy of this award.

PartlyPixie has made herself an incredible challenge: write twelve novels in twelve months. She is an inspiration to me. It is so amazing to see someone who loves to write so much that they would give themselves such a difficult challenge. The most impressive part is, so far, she is sticking to it! If you struggle like I do with writing consistently, this blog will motivate you to “write yourself real”.

Erin keeps me laughing with her amusing posts and wry sense of humor. I am particularly fond of her posts detailing the problems she has with her characters…which almost always end with her calling the Character Crisis Center. Check out this blog if you need help seeing the funny side of writing.

Every time I get an email notification that Caitlyn has a new post up, my day brightens. Her posts are always interesting and informative. I love reading about her progress as a writer and her growth as a person. Caitlyn talks about all sorts of things, from the narrative style of The Book Thief to trying to write in her spare moments.


Check out all these blogs, because they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!




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