The Aspect of Mystery

Why does a reader read a book? Why does he start it? Continue it? Plow through to the end? What is it that tantalizes him so that a unique series of words entices him to invest in perusing and understanding them?

As with most questions dealing with mental processes, there are several answers. Today I would like to focus on the aspect of mystery.

I am an avid reader, but I don’t read books just because they are popular or recommended. And while I do read successful books that don’t necessarily appeal to me as a study of my craft, I also read for pleasure. What pleasures me is the pursuit of knowledge.

Did I ever mention that I am so Erudite it makes me feel guilty?

So, when I read a book for pleasure, I pick it up because I am interested in the knowledge I can accrue through it. In other words, I read a book because it is a puzzle, a mystery, for me to solve. I read it because I want to discover a new way of looking at a particular subject, or the answer to a riddle of story the author has laid out which I cannot solve simply by reading the back cover (which is possible, by the way.) I read a book because of its aspect of mystery.

What are some of your favorite books? Why did you choose to read them? What is the aspect of mystery in them which intrigued you as you read, or was the cause for your reading?

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