Belle’s Ghost Speaks

It has been over two years, my friends, and as is the case with the passage of time, things have happened.

I have two and a bit years of college behind me. I think I can safely say the secret and true goal of higher education is to tear a person’s worldview, sense of self, and self-confidence apart and make it very difficult to put back together. I don’t know if I like who I am now better than I liked who I was when I first came to college. I am less outgoing but more loyal. My creative output is less effusive but more thought out. My nights are riddled with nightmares and my days with fears and doubts.

Still, I have found so many new thoughts and so much beauty that I would never have encountered without these experiences. I feel like a ghost possessing the body of a once vibrant person, but I find joy in the haunting.



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